I finished The Changeling last night and I utterly loved it.  Magical, funny, just great.  I can’t praise it enough. 

Marian Keyes

(author of Watermelon)

Falconer writes with astonishing wit and authenticity.

 Joanne Harris

(author of Runemarks)

Young Adult Books Series

It’s the final confrontation: The Hawthorn Crown: Volume III of the The Changeling series is out now.

Once again, Helen Falconer has produced a masterpiece

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A great confrontation is coming,

Carla never believed Aoife's tales of fairies, monsters and changeling girls. But she followed her best friend down into the dangerous fairy world - to rescue a boy, and save a kingdom.
Now, as Aoife will fight for the Hawthorn Crown in the Land of the Young,, Carla has her own battles  to protect the village she grew up in - the village she loves.
Every story needs its heroes . . . …

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