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Iconic Clash London Calling image but with a deskchair rather than a guitar

London Calling

Sky High "... hurts and heals by turns ..."
Primrose Hill is "... heartrending and hilarious ..."
Mural of skeletal hand on Brick Lane
Helen Falconer's Primrose Hill pubished by Faber & Faber

I couldn't put it down. – The Guardian
Heartrending and hilarious. – Literary Review
Sweats atmosphere. – The Sunday Times

Si's mate Danny is in trouble. His junkie mum is suffering at the hands of her violent boyfriend and Danny has a plan to save her. Si isn't into violence, but he wants to do the right thing by his mates and by himself. Until Eleanor comes along and that changes everything.

And there's something so wrong about Eleanor.
Sky High by Helen Falconer Publishe by Faber & Faber cover art.

"... a horror story, an anti-romance, a rocker's manifesto and an astute social comedy" .- The New York Times

Ferdia is caught between his feuding parents. His groundbreaking garage band with songwriter Matt just might take off. But his English teacher, Cassandra, has more grown-up designs on him. When Matt moves ever closer to the edge of breakdown, Ferdia needs to focus on what really matters.
Intense, funny, erotic, tragic and redemptive, Sky High hurts and heals by turns.
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