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Na Sidhe - the legend of the Tuatha De Danann

Thousands of years ago, the Tuatha de Danann came to Ireland – a people of magic, music and delight. They worshipped the Goddess Danu, the queen of the harvest, and believed in constant rebirth. This magical race spent only forty years on the surface before descending through the many stone and hawthorn circles that cover the west of Ireland – all of them gateways into the otherworld. Beneath the province of Connacht is Tir na nÓg (the land of the young), otherwise known as Tír na mBeo (the land of the living) or Maigh Meall (the lowland of delight). This is where the Tuatha de Danann made their home, builtding the four cities of Gorias, Murias, Darias and Falias to house their treasures. But the land of the young is not Ireland's only otherworld. A cluster of islands in the Atlantic, which rises to view only once every seven years, is named the Fortunate Isles or Blessed Isles. And under the province of Munster lies Tech Duinn, the House of Donn, the House of the Dead. From this world, no vistor returns.

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